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Urban landscapes are losing their green cover at an alarming rate. While development is important, it is equally important to ensure that we replant our trees. This needs a community effort, and we are playing a small part in motivating individuals and communities by providing saplings and Seed Bombs to regreen urban spaces.

Seed Bombs will enable individuals and communities to grow plants and trees anywhere. A powerhouse mixture of clay, soil, compost and seeds - the Seed Bomb is the perfect way to give your urban spaces a burst of green. Would you not want to see a green Bengaluru bloom again?

Seed Bombs - Urban Greening

What is a
Seed Bomb?

In a nutshell, a Seed Bomb is a seed inside a ball of charcoal dust, mixed with requested nutrients

Seed Balls

It's Biochar coating protects the seed from birds, rodents, insects and adverse conditions until the rains come

Once soaked, the bomb contents help maintain a moist environment around the seed, encouraging its germination

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How it


Plantable Seed Bombs

Advantages of Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs are
easy to make
  • - All you need is soil or compost, clay, and seeds.
  • - It should be in a small size to help throw it easily
Seed Bombs go where
no one else can
  • - Very versatile
  • - Anywhere there is soil/land to grow them, provided the soil isn't too dry.
Seed Bombs are
  • - Many types of seeds can be used in seed bombs. You can even use a combination of seeds.
Seed Bombs get
people together
  • - Planting them is satisfying, and the element of play brings people together and creates a community of Greeners.

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