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Rainwater Harvesting is one of the most ingenious ways to collect, store and use water on-site. Coromandel Cares aims to help communities find the best possible way to incorporate rainwater harvesting methods into their homes. In our pilot effort in Bengaluru and Mysuru we want to create an environment that enables every home to be self-sufficient in collecting water.

Our communities need sustainable and dependable water saving techniques and using our strong network, Coromandel Cares will be by your side to help you identify and create a long-term solution for your water conservation needs.

Rain Roof Water Harvesting System

Benefits of

  • Eco-friendly and easy solution for water requirements.
  • Improves the groundwater quality and levels.
  • Mitigates the effects of drought.
  • Reduces the runoff, which otherwise floods storm drains.
  • Reduces flooding of roads and low-lying areas.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Low cost and easy to maintain.
  • Reduces electricity and water bills.


Rain Roof Water Harvesting System

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater stored for direct use in above-ground or underground sumps/overhead tanks and used directly for flushing, gardening, washing etc.

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting System

Groundwater Recharge

Recharged to ground through recharge pits, dug wells, borewells, soak pits, recharge trenches, etc.


A.R. ShivaKumar

Formerly a Senior Scientist at KSCST, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He initiated several projects and programmes across India. One of the major contribution is in developing Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) programs.

He is instrumental in bringing in policy changes at Govt of Karnataka to establish RWH measures in Govt & pvt buildings. He has extensive field experience and strategic insights into technology development and deployment of cost effective RWH solutions.

Catch the Rain

Rain is pure, freshwater and you can catch and collect rainwater from the roof of your home. City buildings are constructed with Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) and the water generally flows into storm drains and most of it is directed outside the plot or into the drain system. Large quanities of water run-off from these roofs every time there is rainfall. RainWater Harvesting is a simple process to ensure you save this water. These systems can be retrofit to your existing drain systems and the water can be collected via a filter system to a sump.

Citizens of Bengaluru and Mysuru can reduce the amount of water they receive from the Water Board and in turn reduce their dependence on the city water supply systems and also reduce the amount of money spent on utilities.

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For a better tomorrow, go green, conserve water today - this simple but positive gesture will go a long way to protect one of the most precious natural resources for our future generations.

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