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Fight deforestation by dropping a seed bomb

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Dropping bombs was a way of destruction but today seed bombs are replacing the destruction with greenery. Countries like Thailand have been considering a five-year plan to reforest their lost green cover by using the aerial reforestation technique of seed bombs. The Royal Thai Air Force has been roped in for this initiative. Even if it’s not such a widespread method, dropping seed bombs over empty tracts of land can help bring back the lost greenery of the cities, towns and surrounding areas.

The industrial revolution brought in a lot of good changes and advancements in technology and quality of life. But along with its growth came the destruction of our forests and green havens. The world cuts down, burns or destroys over 10 billion trees every year. So despite the efforts to reforest, we are unable to match the pace of deforestation to keep our jungles and forests alive. This reduction in green cover has had heavy implications on climate.

Seedball Concept

The seed ball is a low cost and highly efficient method for regreening. The seeds are mixed with compost and protected against rodents and insects. The compost acts as the initial nutrition and the tree can grow without needing additional care in the early stages. The best way to ensure a seed ball is effective is to plant it in the soil. When that is not possible it is important to spread these seed balls around in wet soil. Seed balls can be grown in inaccessible areas and mountainous regions also.

Technology for Seed Bombing

It may be difficult to involve the Air Force to drop seed bombs in every country but we can certainly look for help from the smaller wings - drones. Drones can reach larger tracts of land and drop seed bombs in places which are difficult to reach. The drones can also help in locating good places to drop seed bombs and also monitor their progress. All this might sound wildly ambitious but this is the best way to use technology to recover our lost green cover.

Involving Children

This is a method of conservation and re-greening that can be lead even by children. Seed bombs are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to source. A small activity workshop is all you need to teach children how to create their own seed bombs. These can then be dropped around the city with the children. This will give them a sense of responsibility towards the environment and help them grow up into eco-conscious adults.

Reforestation of metropolitan areas

According to the United Nations, the metropolitan areas of the world contribute to 80% of our planet’s green-house emission. We lose half an acre of forest every second so it is very difficult to repopulate the trees using old methods. We need to identify open unused tracts of land in the cities and use seed bombing methods to repopulate them with trees. In India, the most popular urban trees are neem and moringa. They are hardy trees that can grow with little care and in dry conditions. So the choice of trees is also important when one opts for the seed bomb method of reforestation.

The seed ball method has been working for centuries and is one of the key ingredients in guerrilla gardening. Kenya and Zimbabwe are promoting these methods in a big way to recover their lost forests. This is the most sustainable method that one can adopt to fight the effects of greenhouse emissions.

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