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Moringa and Neem Seed Bombs

Moringa and Neem Seed Bombs

The Seed Bombs being created by the Coromandel Cares team has the power of two of the most beneficial trees hidden in it – the moringa and the neem. Both plants that find a place in traditional curative therapies and are commonly used by all households in India.

Neem and Moringa are fast growing trees and are evergreen and can survive in drought conditions, thus making them the best choice of trees to use to re-green Bengaluru and Mysuru. Both trees grow tall and spread their branches out wide thus giving better shade. Both trees are not delicate and can survive harsh drought conditions while they continue to flower. They are also the best sub-tropical trees to consider when you want a widespread green cover and are often found in the backyards of many homes for their medicinal benefits.

The seed bomb systems work in a simple way. All one has to do is plant these seed bombs in fertile soil, the seed bomb mixture is adequate to prevent insects and birds from eating the seeds and also provides the first nutrition that a seed needs to sprout.

Home gardens have traditional had both plants as they provide a constant source of food and medicine with low maintenance.

Use as Food

The neem shoots are used to make several dishes that are eaten with rice. Moringa or the drumstick tree is favourite food and its leaves and fruits are consumed commonly. The Moringa tree is cultivated also in large tracts of land for its commercial benefit as the fruit or drumstick is a common vegetable. Moringa is high in nutrient value and is natural source of Vitamin B6.

Use as Traditional medicine

Neem products are used in Ayurveda and Siddha medicines for their anti-fungal, sedative, anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial properties. It is particularly prescribed for skin disease to manage psoriasis and eczema.

Moringa is rich in antioxidants and helps reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation. It is also a recommended food for people undergoing cancer treatment as it can protect against arsenic toxicity.

Ecological benefit

Honeybees love the flowers of neem trees and moringa trees. This makes both a great tree to have to protect the local ecological system also as they are not heavy on water consumption and extremely hardy. These are also the best trees to battle the toxic pollutants in the air all year round as they are evergreen trees. The neem oil is a natural herbicide and pesticide, thus reducing the need to use chemicals.

The seed bomb system allows you to plant these two plants at different parts of the city or across large tracts of land in an effort to bring back the former glory of the garden city.

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Moringa and Neem Seed Bombs

The Seed Bombs being created by the Coromandel Cares team has the power of two of the most beneficial trees hidden in it – the moringa and the neem. Both

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